WANACon Vs Whistling Frogs


‘Did you see JK Rowling in the mirror this morning?’

– Daven Anderson

A few months ago, I wrote about why I went to WANACon for the first time. I’m going to talk about why I went again this weekend, despite being faced with the distraction of whistling frogs. It was because I *knew* this digital writers’ conference would live up to its last installment. And it was well worth some creative logistical leaps to make attendance possible…

Read more about my adventure here – in my new webhome – follow me there!


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5 responses to “WANACon Vs Whistling Frogs

  1. thank you I’ve had a very difficult night and whistling frogs are just what I wanted to hear about and thank you. Also women should always feel free to carry on at each other including feeling sad.

  2. Maybe if I had the Mirror Of Erised, I’d see Rowling handing me an autographed first edition of “Philosopher’s Stone”… 😉
    Love this post, Sara, and I’m so glad to hear WANACon was a wonderful experience for all! 😀

    • Haha I really need to stop spending all this time writing and go hunting for that mirror :p thanks for reading! And for reblogging 🙂 But most of all thanks for presenting at WANACon and making it such a valuable weekend!

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