Temporarily Alone. Permanently Lucky.


Am I good luck? Bad luck? Or just too damn cute?

I’m going to put the end of the post as the teaser this time, don’t ask me why. Find the full story here – the Right Ink On The Wall website, new home of all things bloggy – follow me there!

…Can everyone stop, pause and find something to feel lucky about? Are black cats good or bad luck? Remember not to walk under any ladders, but also remember to make your own luck. There’s so much bad in the world. We need to do some good stuff to balance it out. 



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2 responses to “Temporarily Alone. Permanently Lucky.

  1. maurnas

    I like to say I have weird luck. Bad things happen to me. A lot. But they also always work out pretty well. I usually wind up better for all those negative experiences.

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