Finding Your Wings

So thrilled to read such a beautifully written and attentive review from Libby at Through The Wardrobe Door 🙂 If you pop along, you’ll find a wealth of thoughtful reviews there! I’ve found more than one brilliant book recommendation through the Wardrobe…

Through The Wardrobe

The Night Butterflies

I remember the day they burned the babies.

Imagine a stark world where medication is your only sustenance, manufactured offspring your only company and a dark secret your only hope. Where the very air is poison and the concept of humanity has been lost. This is the world of The Night Butterflies.

Litchfield centres her debut novel within a dark dystopian future, a place where learning to survive is key in the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse but it comes at a price. Exploring the devolution of humanity in a world of uncertainty, this accomplished YA novel is told through the eyes of five different characters whose lives intertwine and influence each other’s as they search for a reason to live.

The beautifully poetic title juxtaposes the world it introduces and Litchfield consistently uses wonderfully lyrical turns of phrase to describe the harshness of her characters environment. The five…

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