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TPG’s Tasters: The Night Butterflies, by Sara Litchfield

Heard of TPG’s Tasters?! Thrilled to find The Night Butterflies featured 🙂

The parasite guy

Remember this feature? No? Didn’t think so 😛

Aaaaanyway…today’s taster comes thanks to a certain Sara Letourneau, who recently reviewed The Night Butterflies over on her blog. I liked the sound of the book a lot from Sara’s review, and decided immediately to check it out – which I guess just goes to show how useful reviews can be.

As ever, my impression of the book began with the cover…


Does that just scream “self-published” to you? No? Didn’t think so. But the thing is, this is self-published – and the fact that it’s not readily apparent is a very good sign as far as I’m concerned. This is a really striking, professional-looking cover, and I really want to see what’s contained within.

And speaking of which…

The Blurb

It is always dark. Warmer than it should be. The sun is a dull glower of reproach, only sometimes visible through…

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