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Interview with Sara Litchfield, Author of “The Night Butterflies”

Lots of bookiness & backflips here this week to celebrate the release of The Night Butterflies! I had an author interview with the lovely Sara Letourneau over at her brilliant blog, where she brews a passion for writing with fantasy, tea, music, and reading 🙂 do pay her a visit!

Sara Letourneau

Sara Litchfield photo

It’s not every day that you meet someone who shares your first name and last initial. It’s even more rare to meet someone with those commonalities and with uncannily similar writing passions and aspirations. I met British-born writer Sara Litchfield (who now lives in New Zealand) during WANACon this past February, and right after having joined Twitter. Since then, she’s buckled down on revisions and edits for her debut novel The Night Butterflies – all while working as an accountant and maintaining her own editing business. (And drinking lots of tea to help!) I was privileged to beta-read The Night Butterflies during that time. Told from the perspectives of two children and three adults in the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse, the story chilled me with its harrowing plot and inspired me with its message of hope, friendship, and humanity.

Now that The Night Butterflies is out (YAY!), I’d like…

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